Education Revolution

I have been looking at different approaches to education over the last few years. As many know, I am Montessori certified. Here’s a link to a Montessori High School that got my attention. But there are so many other ideas and approaches out there. The key is to stay open to new ideas and follow the student. Where the interest lies is where true learning begins. 

Another thing. We need to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and interactive dialogue. Kids need an environment to learn how to learn. We shouldn’t want to just give the child a fish; we should want them to have the tools to learn about fish, how to fish, what to do when fish are dying, how to integrate fish with hydroponics, what are the consequences from our actions and how will it affect fish,  how can fish help hungry people in third world countries…and especially, how to be patient. I think that is why I love Montessori.

I have so many other thoughts, but I want to put these ideas into action. I want to open a school. I also want to own a drive-in theater, but I’m satisfied for now that there are a few still open in Southern California! In any case, I want to be a part of the education revolution!

Take a look at this school, Sudbury Valley School. Besides a beautiful campus, they are on to something.

And it scares a lot of parents! Well, it makes them nervous to think about their kids out of a traditional, familiar educational environment. I would love to have a year with several creative, energetic educational guides who are itching for the freedom to inspire along with inquisitive learners whose parents are willing to jump out of the box!

So take a look and tell me what you think. Let me know if you come across any other nontraditional educational envioronments (I really would like to come up with a different word other than “school” since it has “stiffling” written all over it). Here’s to dreamin’……:)



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