It’s All About Giving: Part Two

….continued from Part One….

Then there is Gertrude and her organization. According to NeepUganda’s website, the mission statement is “Reaching and teaching the rural poor in the Villages of Uganda to keep alive the arts and skills of basket weaving, wood carving, jewelry making, agriculture, and animal husbandry, as means of creating cottage industries to help create viable economies that will support their labors, which also includes discovering markets for their goods.” Asante Network helps to sell some of the crafts. Scroll down their web page to see the Kasoya Doll, one of my favorites!

Her life experiences include surviving the sequential murders of her two husbands by Idi Amin and Obote. Fear and death all around. Take time to read about it. Hmm, Egypt and Libya kinda come to mind. Also her two year old son had been kidnapped then he returned to her twenty years later. I just could not imagine what she went through, but you would never know it by looking at her. She is so calm and peaceful. Definitely a demonstration of God’s love.

She now runs the Nyamabuga Primary School, grades 1-6, and Secondary School, grades 7-10, in Uganda using funds through donations and purchases of NeepUganda’s handcrafts. What really stood out to us was that the students are not served breakfast or lunch due to lack of funds. They are also too poor to bring their own. So how do over 400 students get through the school day? The teachers take them to the church, and they happily sing and pray.

Then that reminds me of another school in Africa. Pauline Mmaduakor is a widow who picked up where her husband, Peter Mmaduakor, left off. Besides her other responsibilities, she is the administrator of a school of 180 students in Nigeria, West Africa. Pauline brings children back and forth to school on her motorcycle. Like Gertrude’s school, they also cannot feed the children. But the students want to be there anyway.

Mom and I have had the privilege of getting to know Gertrude and Pauline. Pauline and Gertrude were  just here in California. We are amazed at what they do to help their people. And whatever we can do to help them accomplish their task is a joy for us. But what is more amazing is their dedication to serve humbly and graciously despite all hardships. And the exclamation point: they are satisfied! God is their provider, their husband, their strength, their refuge, their Giver of Life, their Giver of Hope….I could go on and on. He is their all; they give all to Him. And it is reflected in the school children, the people whose lives they touch, and their own lives. It truly is all about unselfishly giving to others in need as their is no greater satisfaction in life. But isn’t that what the Father did when He gave His Son, Jesus? It really is much simpler than what some make it out to be!

Now if I could always give like Gertrude and Pauline 🙂




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