NO Homework and Recess All Day

Would you click on a link like my title on Craigslist? (I really would like to know your feedback on the title and content!)

Well, I just posted it on Craigslist under “childcare” tonight. Below is a copy of what I posted, including the pictures.  I would put in a link, but it will be dead in 7 days. You might be reading this on the 8th day.

Oh, and if you want to go to the meeting, you can come…even if it’s after the 7th day 🙂



I know the title is a bit strange, but I’m looking for unsatisfied and/or like-minded parents, educators, visionaries, or anyone else with a passion for children and young people. Let’s talk.

I am going to start a learner-centered educational resource center or school in the AV. I am going to build a community of passionate, life-long learners! How it is developed really depends on the needs in the community; therefore, I would like to talk with you.

Also, I know of other people in the Los Angeles and Inland Empire area who also want to start learner-centered schools. We can set up meetings closer to you if you live south of the Antelope Valley.

The book “No Homework and Recess All Day: How to Have Freedom and Democracy in Education” by Jerry Mintz ( is an overview of a growing movement in learner-centered education. If you Google “alternative education” you will see so many ideas and different educational philosophies in action. I’m talking beyond charter schools and independent study.

Are you a homeschooler, unschooler, parent looking for another answer besides public, charter, or private schools but don’t know where to start, or perhaps someone weary with the constant fight to do homework or your child lacking a desire to go to school?

I want to share what I’ve learned and what I am going to do. I have other parents ready to have a meeting because they need something to change in their child’s schooling. I have been learning and have returned from a conference with lots of good information.

Even if you are unsure about alternative education or maybe just the idea sound strange and unfamiliar, I hope you will come to a meeting if only to be encouraged. You’re not alone, and maybe I can help give you resources to help you in your journey.

I am passionate about education, and I love being with kids! I have been in education in one form or another for over 20 years: I am a parent of four adult “children”, have homeschooled and unschooled, have been a teacher and principal in a private school, have been a preschool and kindergarten teacher, and have tutored children and adults. Currently I am tutoring at-risk youth. In all situations, I see a reoccurring theme of frustrated students, teachers, and parents. I believe that a fundamental change in how we do school can make a difference.

Email me with questions or if you want to attend a meeting. I really do look forward to talking with you!


btw…The type of school I’m going to talk about does not exist in the AV.


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