Mike (my husband to me): Why are you being so nice to me now? How can women be one way one moment and another way the next?

Makailya (our daughter): It’s called multitasking, Dad.

Mike: It’s not multitasking, it’s multi-tuding.



2 thoughts on “Multi-tuding

  1. Elizabeth says:

    LOL Love it! Lane calls it short, I’m ‘short’ with him. I give him a list of why my wonderful mood went from happy go lucky to being short fused….. then I win..because if I don’t win watch out I’m reallly ‘short’. lol We’re not mentioning the possibility of the big M cause he knows that will really make me psyco ‘short’ with

    • LotsaJava says:

      “Psycho short”…LOL I don’t even like the mentioning of any mood change! Everyone needs to just pretend my mood didn’t change, and it will be a happier place 🙂

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