About the Coffee

LotsaJava gives an opportunity to share a bit more about four generations who are blessed to have each other for support and encouragement. The generations span from 65 years to 3 years. They blogged in 2011 about their  journey in making better health choices. It was a fun blog because three generations lived together under the same roof for 21 days. After that experience, they decided to set aside a family space where they can talk. They love sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, so it is fitting to invite you to their table.

So, here’s the brief rundown:

  • It starts with Dee. Dee has two daughters (Kim and Amber) with one brother between them. Kim is married to Mike. Amber is married to Frank. Kim and Mike have three adult sons (Erik, Andrew, and Joseph), one teenage daughter (Makailya), and one grandson (Keenan). Amber and Frank have one adult daugher (Shanaye), one adult son (Christian), one son (Josiah), two twin daughters (Hannah and Elizabeth), and the youngest daughter (Sarah).
  • Dee decided to adopt Jessica and John and their three sons (John, Sean, and Conner). Kim and Amber agreed on the adoption since Jessica has become a sister to them! The only drawback to the adoption is that Jessica doesn’t drink coffee. They are working on the conversion.
  • We won’t talk about their five dogs, three cats, or one hermit crab. Or the shedding Siberian Husky. Or the puppy potty training. Or the ringworm.
  • Dee lives with Kim and Mike and their two youngest children. Dee usually spends part of the week at Amber and Frank’s house, too, which is only about twenty minutes away. Amber homeschools the four youngest children, Dee just retired from teaching…so naturally, the situation evolved into a wonderful working relationship 🙂
  • Then came an idea for an innovative education center called Noah’s Place.  That is definitely going to be something to watch grow. You can join Noah’s community on Facebook!
  • Kim also loves photography. You can see some pictures right here on the LotsaJava’s page, LifenPictures. But if you have a moment while drinking your cup of coffee, meander to her photo portfolio at Kimberly Lynn Loves Photography. She’ll be updating those regularly!
  • Kim’s Profile:

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2 thoughts on “About the Coffee

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ok dang it I came on here to ind the video of you all drunk on Candy in the car on your way home from your friends to show to Breyana and I can’t find it…help. I was looking forward to a good laugh. Love you, and love what you are doing with lotsajava

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